It was on Twenty Fourth July Nineteen Hundred Eighty Six (24-7-1986) my wife Smt. N. Ganga Devi underwent open heart surgery at Durgabai Deshmuk hospital, Hyderabad (A.P.) I prayed Lord Sai Nath for her life. The Lord of Events heard my panic voice and came to my rescue, and saved her life. This event of the Lord SAI inspired me to write something significant on the sayings of BABA in the shape of booklet to be dedicated to HIM. (My ISHTA DAIVA).

I am grateful to SHIBDI SAMSTHAN which has been the ins­trument of my inspiration to contribute articles to 'SAI LEELA' magazine for the last seven years, The articles published so far are

saI's invisible hand, forget sai hot, who is the real devotee of goo, the purpose of human life. sai baba where not, im pooja, sai baba test's his devo­tees. SAI KE KARSHME. SAI'S GREATEST MIRACLE and The significance of nine in Sri Sai Satcharita. By the grace of SAI I wish to continue to contribute articles till I breath last.

If Ramayana and Bhagavata Gita are the sacred books to Hindus, Quaran to Muslims, Bible to Christians, SAI SATCHARITA, written in Marathi by late Sri Govind Rao Raghunath Dabholkar (Hemadpant), is sacred book to all sorts of religions in the world. I request the SAI brothers and sisters who intend to write about SAI not to deviate the original script. Small is beautiful. This publication is only a brief version of some of the most important events/maxims depicted in SHRI SAI SATCHARITA, with the sole intention of creating awareness amongst the readers and devotees who do not know or know a little about SAI BABA. "If you know more about SAIBABA much more remains to be known".

My thanks are due to Sri Naresh Gunaji, Author of English  SAI SATCHARITRA.

I make an appeal to the readers to pardon  me   in case of any  mistakes in this small publication.

Putting my head on the Lotus feet of SAI forever with a sincere prayer to help and guide all of us in all the times and bless us by HIS boon bestowing hand.


Dated 8-9-1988                                                                                       N.M. DAS.

Warangal (A.P.)


I was very happy to see the manuscript of your book 'Sai The God on Earth', proposed to be published by you. The incident, inspiring you to compile this book is really heart-touching and that itself convince one with what love, affection and efforts you have made this endeavor. You have been writing often in our 'Saileela' publication and your articles are read with interest by the devotees. I am sure your present enterprise will also be very popular. In the Preface to the book you have already given assurance to continue to write in our 'Saileela' and I feel you are doing all these endeavors out of instinct and inspiration you are getting from Shri Sai Baba.

I hope this book will be most useful to also spread Sai Cult on a large   scale.

Wishing long life to you both and your family members and with Blessings of Shri Sai Baba to you all.

SHIRDI, 22-9-1988                                                                                       E.D. Banne,

Executive Officer,

Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, Shirdi,


“ I shall draw out my devotees from the jaws of Death ".


SAI, a naked fakir whose existence was ignored by many in the second half of nineteenth century, is mostly recognised at present. Though he is not in blood and flesh, he is widely celebrated now. Readers or devotees are likely to come across many doubts as to the omniscience of SAI, the GCD.

When the entire treasure of the world was under SAI's feet where was the need for HIM to knock a few doors with a begging bowel? Was HE a juggler who performed some tricks to get livelihood? Why did HE extract Dakshina (money) from the people or devotees who went to HIM? When SAI is omnipresent, then why should the people go to SHIRDI? When whatever is written in our fate (Karma) is bound to happen, Why should we pray to HIM?

The answers to the above    questions    which appear to be conflic­ting, controversial and critic  are attempted here   under:

When a supernatural power descends on earth, Godly wonders are hidden and never exposed unless the circumstances strongly warrant Lord Shri Rama is worshipped as GOD or an Avatar. Why did HE Wonder in search of HIS beloved wife, Sita kidnapped by Ravana? As an Avatar or omnipresent did HE not know the whete-abouts of Sita? Had HE acted like GOD, Valmiki would not have constituted the big epic of Ramayana. Rama wanted to teach the people that the wicked should be punished to establish Dharma, and to prove that suffering is inevitable to each and everyone, however great or small  one may be.

Lord. SHIVA, the GOD went with a joli to test the depth of devotees and not to quench HIS thirst or satisfy appetite. Similarly SAI acted like an ordinary man around us. HE never created an impre­ssion that HE is GOD. Ofcourse HE performed miracles not for Him" self but to drag the devotees from calamities.

Whatever the money HE collected was distributed to the poorest of the poor on the same day and was not   used for   HIS personal ends'

HE   never bothered about worldly life and    went on serving the   huminity selflessly.

HE was neither ,a juggler nor a magician who performed tricks but acted as a representative of GOD, an holy Saint, not for HIS live­lihood but for others who suffered.

HE did not go for alms to all, except a few    devotees who    ha full faith in HIM. Whatever the   edibles HE collected were cooked distributed as prasad to ail the people.

People need not go to SHIRDI as SAI is all pervasive. HE is everywhere and gives Darshan and fulfills the desire of those who worshim HIM devotionally. Once SAI BABA said to a friend of Shri B.A. Tarkhadkar "was I not with you in Bombay People or devotees who think that I AM in SHIRDI only have not seen ME". When surrendered to SAI whole Heartedly. HE himself went to devotees in disguise of many unrecognised forms and fulfilled their desires. The example of Mataji Shivamma Tai who hails from Tamil Nadu is cited here, She is surviving at present aged ninety eight years and had the good fortune of seeing BABA in her life time. She saw SAI BABA in September 1918 After' taking Maha Samadhi, BABA came to her in the guise of a boy of fifteen years and gave two books. The next day, SAI BABA gave Darshan to her in a dream and made clear that HE himself had gifted her two valuable books 'PABIJATHA' and 'JANANA MARANAM'. BABA said "it is MY special characteristic that I look always to and provide for the welfare of the devotees wherever they may be even thousand miles away from ME provided they fix their minds on ME". For all BABA proved a supernatural power.

Devotees feel that in the daily walk of life it may not be possible to concentrate towards GOD whole heartedly and do full justice to prayer. That being the reason they prefer sacred places temples mosques churches etc. to purify their minds.

SHIRDI is supposed to be one of the holiest place because many Saints came to this place and BABA    came    and lived    till    HE    took Maha Samadhi. As such it is    believed  that  the   soil of   SHIRDI is most sacred and blessing one.

So far as the belief in Karma is concerned some argue that when whatever is written in our fate happens without fail then why should pray to GOD and nothing emerges from the pooja. Many a saints say that punishment for the misdeeds and sin is a MUST and as such in escapable but by meditating and praying to GOD one is likely to miti­gate the volume of deserving punishment.

SAI B A B A' S yogic powers, giving darshan as Lord Sri Rama, Lord Shri Krishna, producing prayag (i.e., sacred, place where Ganga ard Yamuna meet) from his feet, controll­ing the elements of nature, eradicating the epidemics and endemics, turning water into oil, curing the most incurable and dreadful diseases, rescue from snake bites, fulfilling the various desires of HIS devotees, HIS sleeping styles (keeping the eyes opened while sleeping) reading of minds, HIS reminiscence knowledge about the past telling people about the present) and future, HIS fruitful advise, HIS udi producing magic effect and averting the deaths of HIS favorable devotee Late Shri Ramchandra Patil - all those are the greatest and supernatural achievements. HE had taken on HIM all sorts of diseases of the people with the result that HIS healthy body wash reduced to skin arid bones. HE sacrificed HIS whole life for the sake o people. Above all, to make HIS most beloved devotee Tatya Kote alive HE Himself exchanged HIS life for Kote Can an ordinary man do all the above? The answer is "Nay". The above supernatural deeds lend support to the effect that SAI BABA is VISWATHAMAN an Avatar; More over it is not an ancient history of Ramayana or Maha Bharatha. It is a reliable modern history.

A few out, of some who saw BABA in flesh and blood are still alive in various parts of the country. Mention may be made of Sri Lakshman Rao Alias Bala Sabeb Naik, Yashwant Potdar, Mataji Shivamma Tai, Swami Ram Babu and Sri Morarji Desai.

Late Sri Govind Rao Ragunath Dubholkar    (Hemadpant   the author of SHEI SAI SATCHARITA in     Marathl)   Mrs. Sarojini   Mulve, Shri Nana Saheb Ramsane, Dr. K. B. Gavankar, Sri Radha Krishna-Swamy, Parvati Bai Sapatnekar, Lakshmi Bai Shinde, Bhagat Mhalasapati and his son Marthand, Kaka Saheb, Dixit Gopal Rao Booti, Bhogoji Shinde (a leper devotee) Nana Saheb Nimmonkar, Madhavarao Despande, Alias Shama are some of the luckiest devotees whom BABA blessed-

When Avatars incarnate in the world, they embody themselves mix and act with the people. SAI acted like a very poor man (fakir) lived like a beggar and died like a man. GOD's life is always wrapped in mystery. SAI is no exception to this fact.

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavath Gita "whenever there is a decay of Dharma, the righteousness, I manifest Myself for the protection of virtue and destruction of evils. When the Lord's creation dwells in ignorance misery and injustice, eternal light (Avatar) descends in to the world to elevate the people and bestow salvation. SAI BABA fulfilled the vow of Lord Krishna and came to earth us an Avatar.


BABA is Pandharinath Vithal incarnate and merciful Lord of the poor and most helpless.

(Sri Gouli Buva)


(Upasani Maharaj)

Tho crest Jewel Best of the Saints.

(Shirdi Sansthan)

If you know about SAI BABA what I know about' HIM you will call HIM the Master of Creation.

(Saint Meher Baba)

SAI is equal to hundred mothers and hundred fathers

(H.H. Basheer Baba)

SHIRBI SAI BABA was a saga in the old Indian, tradition. HIS life and teachings continue to inspire people.

(Late Smt. Indira Gandhi)

SAI BABA is a great spiritual soul.

(Sri Morarji Desai)

I have placed Sri SAI BABA amongst the house hold gods we worship daily. sai baba is god.

(Sri g.g. Narke)

HE appeared to know the inner most thoughts of everybody, relieved their wants and carried comforts to all. HE fulfilled my idea of god on earth.

(Sri Dida Saheb Khaparde)

SAI BABA is Tirloknath   and Kohinoor.

(Saint Madhavnath)

SAI BABA  is an incarnation of Lord   SHIVA


SAI BABA Light of All Light.

(Swimi Ram Babu)


sai baba is the incarnation of GOD DATTATEEYA.

(Sri Das Ganu)

SAI BABA raises a storm and makes us restless   and then calms it down and comforts us.

(Sri Madhava Rao Deshpande Alias Shama)

SHIRDI is lucky to be blessed with a precious Jewel,

(Saint Sri Gangagir)

Infact BABA is a precious and    most valuable   DIAMOND.    You will realise this shortly.

(Saint Sri Anand Math)

SAI BABA is omniscient, Omni Present and  Omnipotent.

SAI BABA possessed the qualities of Lord Shri Krishra, Sri Rama, Budha, Christ, Mohammed, Adi Shankaracharya and Gandhiji.

Human birth is the result    of   karma   but SAI's   incarnation is a Leela.

The result of Karma is inevitable but by repeating the name of SAI the evil effects shall be mitigated.

An optimist sees an opportunity   in every    difficulty   where as a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.

If adverse circumstances arise, we should look upon these as mere trials to test out spiritual strength.

GOD is like a magnet. The magnet does not attract the needle as long as it contains mud and once the mud is washed off and made clean the magnet attracts the needle. Same is the case with GOD.

GOD can only be experienced cannot be explained.

baba's sweet and nectar like words and his boon bestowing hand are everlasting.

By SAI's mere touch, the blind, deaf, dumb   and   other   physically handicapped have got restored the normality.

SAI BABA   peculiar, some times mad, tender, merciful, casteless, simple, humble, childish, Bhola and inscrutable.

baba's life was   like a rain   bearing  cloud  and his  heart is softer than wax.

Just like a child gets the natural food from the breast of mother so also we get our spiritual strength from the lotus feet of SAI.

Sri SAI baba is Kalpa Vriksha (wish fulfilling tree).

Though BABA has cast off his mortal coil yet   HE now appears and showers his blessings on HIS devotees.

BABA neither left   nay nor advocated   any particular   method of worship.

HIS Udi is like the arrow of Sri Ram. It cured the enumerable and dreadful diseases. Barren woman begot children, and pregnant woman had easy and safe delivery.

The true test to find out how much we have neared   SAI   is   to find out how much patience and. concentration we have.


"Brahma is MY Father, Maya is MY Mother, Universe is MY House"


Who is SAI BABA? When and where was HE born? Who were HIS parents? What was HIS Religion?

When questioned. SAI BABA never gave straight and clear answers to the above questions. HE gave two different answers to the same question Perhaps SAI baba does not want us to bother about HIS religion.

However, the answers as recorded in SHRI SAI SATCHARITA are reproduced for the information and ready reference.

Once BABA said to Malasapati that His parents were very pious and staunch devotees of Lord SHIVA. HE was born to them as a boon conferred by Lord Shankara. After some time the parents left PATHRI for performing penance and left the child SAI BABA under the tree. A childless fakir couple brought HIM (SAI) up from childhood days and drove HIM out when found attached to Lord Shankara

At the Dhulia magistrate's court BABA said that people call HIM SAI BABA. HIS Guru was Vekuasa, HIS Religion was kabir, caste parvat digar (GOD). BABA addressed the mosque as Brahmins Masjid.

Saint Madhavanath told that SAI   BABA was the   eldest son of a Brahmin Yajuredi Deshasth who hand over HIM  to a fakir,

SAI BABA came to SHIRDI in 1854 when HE was a lad of sixteen years and lived for about three years left SHIRDI and again; came with Chand Bhai Patil's marriage party in about 1858 and live-s for sixty(60)years till HE attained Mahasamadhi on 15-10-1918.

The mother of Nana Chopdar said that she saw this young Start attractive and very handsome   under   the Neem   tree, left SHIRDI came again.

God Khandobha said that BABA practiced penance for 12 years beneath the present Neem tree. It is also agreed that BABA was first seen under the same neem tree in the year 1854.

When SAI BABA came to Khandoba's temple along with Chand Bhai Patil's marriage party, as soon as Bbagat Mhalasapati, a priest saw this young fakir addressee Him ‘YA SAI' Welcome SAI, SAI is derived from persian word meaning Saint- Since then the fakir is known to one and all as SAI BABA, From this Khandobha temple SAI BABA came to a dilapidated mud walled mosque and stayed there till the Maha. samadhi on 15-10-1918.

The people who say SAI BABA was a Muslim argue that BABA uttered very often "Allah Malik" "Bismilia". During. HIS childhood HE was brought up by a Muslim fakir, perhaps named Roshan Shah. Baba stayed in mosque. BABA expressed the desire that his mortal should be buried. HE used to speak URDU very frequently and inher­ited Islamic customs,

The people who oppose and contradict the above points say that one of the Islamic practice is reading of Quaran and performing Namaz. This Baba did so.

Like  Hindu, Baba had holes in his ears. He allowed worship of photos, statues, local deities, Muslims condem idolatry. He kept dhuni burning which was is not Islamic rituals. He addressed mosque as Dwarkamai. Brahmins Majid and in the mosque Tulsi plant was also worshipped by some Hindu Devotees.

Babas mortal were taken to a temple (closed shelter) meant for Murlidhar.

From the material narrated above it is seen that Babas birth, parentage and religion as agreed by Shri Narasimha Swamy and others are still wrapped in mystery.

The most compromising and the judicious approach about HIS religion may be based on HIS frequent utterance i.e. Sub-ke- Malki Ek Hai. It means all the religions are in HIM.

Therefore it is superfluous to think about HIS religion, birth place and parentage. BABA was Ram as well as Rahim. HE was all in one and one in all. HE is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. HE is Casteless, Birthless and Deatheless.


"I require no door to enter, I have no form nor any existence. I always live everywhere".


Is it not a wonderful thing to note that BABA's eyes are every­where fulfilling the cherished desires of devotees sooner or later. One may shed tears while facing calamities in life but the same eyes may bring tears of joys in the long run. This is popularly known as SAI LEELA. If what is expected happens then there is no wonder in it. If unfore-seen or unpredicted thing happens then it is a miracle. Some times with the best efforts put in, people fail and say bad luck and in some occasions with little efforts they get success. This is a matter of luck, If joys and sorrows are not mixed and interwoven then the very purpose of life is defeated. SAI BABA performed a number of miracles but the following are exceptionally wonderful and worth recording.


Once Chand Bhai, the Head mm of Daoop Khade village in Aurangabad district, was searching ont for his more, SAI BABA who sat under a mango tree called Chand Bhai by his name and pointed out the mare. After finding the mare Chand Bhai was wonder-struck and bowed before SAI and uttered that the young lad was not an ordinary man.


SAI BABA every night used to light earthen lamps in mosque with the oil given by the grocers of SHIRDI village. One day the grocers refused to give oil. SAI returned to mosque with the empty oil-tin. HE lit the lamps by pouring the water into the earthen lamps and kept the lamps burning the whole night very brightly. The grocers who came to make a fun of HIM were taken away by surprise and felt at HIS feet asking HIM to pardon.


Sri Nana Saheb Chandorker's daughter developed very acute delivery pains at Jamner. He could do nothing except praying BABA for the safe delivery. BABA heard the panic voice of Chandorker and gave sacred UDI to Bupugir Bava who was leaving for his native village in Khandesh to hand over to Nana Chandorker at Jarnner. Bupugir Bava had only Rupees two which was a meager amount to meet the expense. SAI BABA read the mind of the messenger and told him that he should not worry. Allah will arrange every thing. Accordingly, Babugir reached Jalgaon at midnight. SAI in disguise of a tanga wala asked Bipugir whether he had come from SHIRDI and told that Nana had sent a tanga for HIM. By dawn these two reached Jamnere,. Nina applied the Udi to her daughter's forehead. She delivered to a child very safely. There after Babugir told Nana that had he not sent the tanga he would not have reached in time. Nana very amazingly said that he did not know anything about tanga. Then both came out from the house and searched out. Neither they found the tanga nor tanga wala, Nana shed tears of joy and said "O BABA how merciful you are".


SHIRDI SAI BABA usad to prepare prasad in a big Hundi, HE put rice dal vegetables and even meat with the required masala, in Hundi and put HIS hand to see whether the rice boiled. The davotees wondered to note that the hand placed in the boiling water did not burn. The devotees used to partake the prasad irrespective of caste creed or religion.


Once cholera epidemic broke out in Shirdi. The helpless people approached BABA. and requested HIM to save them. BABA grind wheat in the grinding stone in Dwarkamai. HE asked the village women to throw the wheat flower on the out skirts of SHIRDI village. The epi­demic was arrested completely and was driven away. The people joyfully eajoyoyed this miracle.


Once the devotees who   sat near   BABA   were   taken   away   by surprise to see that BABA put both the hand in the burning fire wood of Dhuni. Had I waited a moment longer she would have been burnt to death. The girl saved was Blacksmith's daughter who   slipped   from the lap of her mother and fell into the flames. Immediately the Blacksmith shouted BABA who took no time to save the girl.


Once Das Ganu asked BABA to permit him to leave SHIRDI for Pandharapur to have the Darshan of VITHAL. BABA said for him SHIRDI itself is Pandharipur. Why leave SHIRDI and go so far? BABA manifested HIM SELF Vitthal and Das Ganu became extremely happy and fell on HIS feet.


Once a doctor from Bombay who was a very close friend of SAI's devotee visited SHIRDI. He was a staunch devotee of Sri Bama, The Doctor accompanied his friend on the expres? cordition that he would not bow before BABA. When the doctor neared BABA, he saw Lord Sai Rama instead of SAI BABA. He went to BABA and fell at HIS lotus feet


Once a terrible storm broke out in the evening at SHIDI. The rainfall was in torrents. All frightened and came to Dwarkamai shouted "BABA, BABA". SAI ordered the storm to be calm. The storm ceased and the moon shone on the sky very brilliantly. The normalcy was res­tored and the people went to homes safely.


Once SAI BABA poured water in the burning DHUNI. When the devotees asked about it, BABA replied that HE was putting out the fire in Tajuddin's Dargah. Next day a word came fcxom Tajnddin that a fira had broken out at his Dargah.


Once a lizard on the wall of Dwarkamai was tick-ticking. A devotee who heard this told BABA that it was a bad omen. BABA said no, The lizard was very glad and singing because her sister was expected to come to her shortly. Just then a person came from Aurangabad and put his luggage on the ground. Immediately the lizard jumped out and climbed up the wall. Both sisters who met after a long time kissed and embarrassed. This wonder in advance proved BABA's omniscience.


Shri Mule Shastri a palmist who had strong faith in Gholop Swami was put to great astonishment when he saw BABA assuming the form of his Guru Gholop Swrami at the time arati  while all recited BABA's arati Shastri recited the arati for his Guru. After the Ariti' Shastri prostrated before BABA and thanked for fulfilling his desire" This wonderful event moved all the devotees beyond measure.


Shri Gulam Hussain   Jaffarally a   muslim surprised    to BABA in guise of his beloved prophet Alliaa horse. He bowed before BABA.


Once a parsi devotee from Koporgaon (district Ahmed Nagar) came to BABA He had strong belief in Paygambar Zarthostra. BABA satisfied his inner cherished desire by assuming himself as Prostrated The Parsi was wonder struck and prostrated before BABA.


Once a lady devotee who prepared bread for BABA was just ready to start Meanwhile, a dog came she offered bread to the dog. She went to take another bread for BABA. now a pig came to her. She offered second bread. Later on seeing her BABA said 'MA' I ate two breads because I Am in these creatures. From this miracle BABA proved that HE is all pervasive.


BABA used to sleep keeping HIS eyes opened on wooden plank tied to the rafters of the Masjid with old shreds or rages. People won­dered as how BABA slept on it whose rags were weak and how he got up and down the plank.


Once the fire in the DHUNI flared up fiercely.   The   fire started rising higher. The devotees in Dwarkamai  took fear.    BABA ordered the fire to come down. Within no time the fire obeyed    the order of BABA, and calmed down. This shows how SAI    BABA had    full control    over the elements of nature.


In 1914. Shri Ganapath Dhod Kadam was going to SHIRDI in a train with his family. After the train left Nasik, a gang of Bhils boa­rded his compartment. At that time, Kadam was reading the holy songs. Seeing BABA the gang frieghtened and left the compartment within five minutes. When Kadam turned his face neither he saw the gang nor the old fakir. When he came to BABA to    pay his homage   BABA said "Well have you come safe, "well guarded" Kadam felt at HIS feet and thanked for protecting him from the   gang.


The greatest miracle performed by BABA is in case of lady  Mrs. Malan Bai who was restored to life after death. This is the highest supernatural power exercised by baba, This lady suffered from a very serious t.b, disease. All sorts of medicines failed miserably. Having lost all hopes she came to SHIRDI and took refugee in SAI. The merciful SAI took pity on her, and she was advised to lie down on-blanket .and consume water only and nothing else. She very obediently and devotionally followed the instructions. Unfortunately she died after a week early in the morning. Her parents wept bitterly and were preparing for the funeral, To the greatest surprise of one and all, the lady started breathing dead slowly and after a few minutes she opened the eyes and said that an unknown black person was carrying her she cried for BABA's  help who come immediately and gave a blow to the black man and snatched her from the hand of the black person. Without seeing Chavedi. she gave a correct picture of it. This is the first time in the life of baba to leave Chavadi after 8. A.M. Tears of joy rolled on the cheeks of all the devotees who witnessed the unbelievable and invincible miracle of SAI NATH,

After BABA took Maha Samadhi on 15-10-1918 the devotees are experiencing innumerable miracles even now in different parts of the country. Some of the experiences are being published in the books and in 'SAI LEELA’ Magazines.




SAI BABA's teachings are light giving and fruit bearing. They are easily adoptable by all sorts of religions, and have universal vali­dity. BABA knew no caste, creed, except Humanism. Rich and poor were treated equally in his Darbar. HIS grace just like sun rays show­ered on all equally. HE neither left any heir nor advocated any particular religion. HIS teachings are through HIS sweet words.

According to HIM God is universe and universe is GOD. It means GOD is all pervasive, everywhere in all greatness. sub KA MALIK bk HAI. Lamps may be many but the light is the same. GOD is one,

So far as karma is concerned, SAI BABA   said   that punishment for past deeds and sins is a MUST and not    escapable   but by    praying to GOD the evil effects may be mitigated.    The   merits   and   demerits determine the assignment of heaven   and    hell    respectively.    Souls get their births or transmigration according to deeds.

Damu Anna who sat near 'BABA was just thinking whether all the people who take darshan of BABA are blessed and their desires fulfilled. SAI BABA, who was omniscient, read the mind of Damu Anna said that the mango tree bears a number of flowers. Each flower is expected to bring a fruit but this does not happen for the simple rea­son that most of the flowers, or unripe fruits fall as a result of whirl­wind or storm and a few remain. Same is the case with people, who come to him,

BABA said that the nine forms of Bhakti are hearing, praying, remembering, padaseva, service, worship, bowing, friendship and surrender of the soul. If all these nine are achieved, GOD will be pleased and you will be the most happiest man.

Real royalty is renunciation. Fakir's is the real Lordship and it is over lasting and the so called Riches is evanscent. The saying of BABA calls for sense of Non-attachment amongst devotees.

BABA used to utter very frequently ALLA MALLK, ALLA ACHA RAKHEGA, ALLA HU AKBAR. In, these divine words, bAba never claimed himself as GOD.

NISHTA (faith) and SABURI (patience) are the two valuable gilts of a true devotee. Faith, as Rabindranath Tagore says, is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark, and patience in the words of Sarvapalli Radhakrisbna is tolerance which is human culture. In the words of BABA. "Let any body speak hundreds of things against you, do not resent by giving any bitter reply". If you always tolerate such things, you will certainly be happy.

Once Kaka Dixit spoke ill of Christianity at his lodge. Later on he went to BABA to massage HIS feet. baba angrily told him to get away. Kaka Dixit who knew the omniscience of baba repented for having abused Jesus Christ. HE begged pardon. BABA forgave and allowed him to massage HIS legs. Prom this example it is quits clear that BABA, respected all sorts of religions.

About human behavior, HE says that he who craps and cavils at others pierces ME in the heart and injures ME but he that suffers and endures pleases ME most". HE further says that our mind is fickle by nature. It should not be allowed to got wild. Sconce may get restl­ess, the body however should be held in check and not allowed to be impatient. One should not do harm even by thoughts, speech or action.

Beauty is to be admired. In this connection HE says "God has created this beautiful world and it is our duty to appreciate its beauty. The mind will get Steady and calm slowly and gradually, When the front door is open why go by back one. When the heart is pure there is no difficulty whatever, way should one be afraid of any one if there bore no evil thought,

Most of the divine aspects which BABA preached are based on ethical codes. HE savs "Hari (God) will be certainly pleased if you give water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked and verandah to the strangers for sitting and resting. Feeding the hungry is one of the ways of pleasing the Almighty.

Once seeing Mhalasapathy unwilling to give SAI BABA entry and stay at Kandoba temple BABA uttered these sweet   words.   "All Gods are, one, Hindus Muslims temples and Mosques are the same". ..

Baba did not approve fasting for    HE felt that    the mind of a faster will not be peaceful to concentrate fully   towards God. The soul has to bo  appeased.

BABA's philosophical interpretation of UDI and DHUNI are worth noting. HE says light removes darkness i.e., ignorance. Atman body will be reduced to ashes like "UDI.

Ram, Rahim were HIS right and left eyes. HE encouraged muslim festivals like 'Muharram’ equally on par with Hindus festival like Dasara.

HIS teachings are beacon lights and fulfilled the spiritual and mental aspirations of all sorts of people on one hand and on the other brought unity between Hindus and Muslims.

BABA said many a time "I give you what you want. You need not ask me. I know". This assurance was witnessed in a number of cases. Of many Mahalsapathi's case is worth mentioning. He had only daughter but never expressed his hearty desire of having a son. HE led the life of a Brahmachari for he slept daily with BABA. in mosque. BABA told affectionately Bhagat '-A daughter is a tamarind fruit where as a son a mango fruit". Go and sleep in your house. You will have a son These words of BABA proved and Mahalsapathi had a son by the grace of SAI BABA.

BABA stressed the need to have a guide to walk in right direction. Avatars like Lord Shri Rama,  Krishna had submitted to their Gurus. SAl SATCHARITA has already recorded the incidents faced by devotees when they disobeyed BABA's advise to have a guide along with them. Let all of us hive SAI BABA as guide (Guru) and his teachings the golden principles of spritual life.

All HIS teachings put together constitute SAI ISM which combines all sorts of religions Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism. Sikhism, Hebruism, Tavism. Confiucisim, Zordastraianism and Hinduism,

BABAs preachings contain the following assurances.

"If MY leelas are either heard or told the diseases will disappear".

"I AM OMNIPRESENT. Said baba. I have no form nor existence-I always live everywhere", This assurance was proved by HIM in a number of cases on different occasions when devotees prayed him. HE assumed the form of a dog, cat, pit, some times snake, Sanyasi and so on, Human beings should not only treat each other generously but all creatures as well.

“He who dives deep into MY leelas would get precious jewal of knowledge".

"If you look to ME I look to you. Why fear when I AM here. If you cast your burden on ME I shall surely bear it". This HE had proved in a number of instances with the devotees who suffered from different diseases. To quote one Mr. Dadha Saheb Khaparde who approached SAI BABA and begged for the life of his son who developed Bobonic plague. BABA took the disease on HIM and lifted HIS kafani up. People saw Bubbles like eggs under the arms. BABA said "see how I suffer for MY devotees. Their difficulties are mine"

"If you give ME ONE I shall give you TEN". This assurance proved in innumerable cases.

"Be whatever you like, do whatever you choose, remember this well that all what you do is known to ME. I AM the Inner Ruler of all and seated in their hearts. I Am the Controller, the Wire Puller, of the show of this Universe". Simple remembrance of MY name SAI SAI will do away with sins of speech and hearing.

SAI BABA said that there will never be any dearth or scarcity of food and clothes in MY devotees house. It is fact that SAI BABA kept up the assurances given by HIM even now.

Today SAI cult is spreading far and wide like passing the current when the switch is made on why? The answer is very simple. SAI  teaching are easily adoptable by any person without observing any hard and fast dogmas or religious practices.

HE is responding to the call of thousands of devotee who pray to HIM devotionally even after taking Maha Simjdhi. This is in need a great blessing to man-kind.


"Oh! playful Rama come come bring with you sacks of udi".


In Dwarknmai, BABA kept the DHUNI burning. The ash from the fire is called UDI and regarded as most sacred. BABA explained the spiritual implication of UDI. He says that the dead human bodies when cremated will be reduced to ashes. Nothing remains except ashes-We come alone and go alone.

UDI cured many physical and mental diseases. It is like Sri Rama's arrow. Never proved futile.

Out of innumerable miracles the Jamner miracle of UDI is the most wonderful and well known already explained in the chapter on 'SAI'S MIRACLES'. Now a few memorable UDI miracles are narrated below.

Even in case of non-availability of UDI on the spot the alter­native used thinking that it is BABA's UDI by staunch devotees cured tho diseases of others. The examples of Shri Narayan Bao Jani of Nasik and a devotee of BABA stand proof to this statement. They are a as follows;

Once a friend of Sri Narayan Bio Jani was stung bv scorpion and the pain become unbearable. As Sri Narayana Bao was not having udi with him, he burnt jass-sticks before BABA's photo picked up a pinch of the ashes of joss sticks thinking that it is BABA's udi, applied on the spot of pain. The pain diminished gradually and his friend became alright. "'- '

In another instance a devotee's daughter at Bandra developed bubonic plague. HE came to Than railway station and told Nana Saheb Chandorker who was travelling with his wife to Kalyan. Nana Saheb was not having UDI. He took up soma dust from the earth mediated on BABA and applied it on the forehead of his wife praying for the life of devotees daughter. See the greatest miracle. The devotee's daughter became alright at Bandra.

The effect of applying UDI had   proved    in a   number of   cases. Some are as  follows. :-

A doctor's nephew at Malegaoa District Nasik suffered from incurable tebercular-bone abscess. All sorts of medicial treatments failed. The parents of the nephew came to SHIRDT and begged BABA who took pity on the boy and gave UDI. It was applied on the affected part for some times and the boy became healthy.

Dr. Pillay a staunch devotee of BABA suffered from Guinea-worms. The pain was so acute that he became desperate and preferred to die He approached BABA who mixed UDI with water and gave to Dr. Pillay. The disease was arrested with in ten days.

Once Shama's sister-in-law got Bubonic plague. BABA gave UDI. It was applied on the Bubos and was mixed with water and given to her. As soon as she consumed it she got very sound sleep. When got up she found relief.

An old gentleman of Harda suffered from a stone in his bladder. He was advised to undergo operation. Ho was very old and feeble. The gentleman's son brought some UDI poured in water and gave to his father. Within some minutes UDI did wonders. The stone was dissolved and came out through urine and the old man got relief.

Once an Irani gentleman's daughter got fits and fell down unconscious. Shri Kakasaheb Dixit gave UDI on request. It was mixed with water and was drunk. After its for some days she became quite alright.

A lady from Bombay experienced very acute and unbearable pain at the time of delivery. She came to SHIRDI along with her husband-At that time she was pregnant. They both worshipped BABA and came back, Again as usual she developed considerable pain at the time of delivery. A lady who was her neighbor put UDI in water and gave her to drink. She got rid of the pain and thanked BABA for her delivery.

BABA gave UDI and blessed a gentleman of Horda by name Dattapant who suffered from acute stomachache for fourteen (14) years. Within few days he was completely cured by UDI.

A Kayastha Prabhu of Bandra suffered from Insomnia for a long time. One of the devotees of BABA gave him UDI and asked him to apply a little of it to his forehead before going to bed and keep the udi packet under pillow while going to seelp. The gentleman followed the instructions and prayed BABA, got sound sleep and became healthy as usual.

Another worth appreciating power of UDI was witnessed by Mrs. Newaskar and others on the anniversary day of Late Sri Balaji-The participants in the function were three fold to the invitees. Mrs. Newasker was puzzled. Her mother-in-law who was a devotee of BABA encouraged her by advising to put some SAI udi in all the vessels SAI would save from dishonour. See the effect of SAI's UDI. After satisfying all the participants with bellyful meals still plenty of food remained in the vessels. Their joy knew no bounds and the saying of a friend (udi), in need is a friend (udi) in deed had become a reality.

udi is proving numerous effects now and devotees are experiencing wonderful miracles throughout. A mere test with full faith is likely to bring the most desirable and successful results it is certainly the Master of all medicines.


"Saint is MY soul I am HE HE is MY pure soul"


Saints like Samartha Ramdas, Ananda Murthi, Kabir, Gajanan maharaj, Janaki Das, Gangagir, Ananath, Samrath, Sadguru, -Sri Sainath Maharaj and others are the great spiritual souls incarnated in various Parts of the country from time to time. Most of the saints who had the GOD vision are the true representatives of the GOD, came to earth to lead and guide the people on right path for self realisation. What ever may be the method of preaching, the divine mission is one and the Same. They were found to be very simple, humble and above all merciful. Their mutual relations have been very cordial and supplementary. The spiritual linkage has been nicely and very clearly inducted by Shri Das Ganu Maharaj in his famous book "SAI HARI KATHA". Ha says "that BABA was saint Kabir in HIS previous birth and Vyankusha was none other than Ramanada Maharaj who was the Guru of Kabir. Tajuddin Baba, was a contemporary of SAI BABA". Saints are the best benefactors. The reincarnation of saints or sages on earth is ordered by the Almig­hty to carry out mission.

Some of the worth appreciating, harmonious cordial rela­tions of saints are illustrated below.

Shri Bhai Krishnaji Al Bagkar a groat devotee of Akkalkotkar Maharaj wanted to go to Akkalkot (Sholapur District) for taking darshan of Padukas (foot prints) of the Maharaja of Akkalkotkar. The Maharaj appeared in his dream, asked him to visit SHIRDI as it is HIS resting place. Accordingly, the gentleman visited SHIRDI, had the darshan of SAI and as a reminiscence of the vision he installed the Padukas under the Neem tree. BABA told Krishnaji that HE himself is Akkalkotkar Maharaj. This shows how Saints supplement the work of each others.

Once Shri Ruttonji Wadia of Nanded approached BABA for having issues. BABA asked Es. 5/- as Gurudakshina and at the same time nformed that he has already received Rupees three and annas fourteen.

The balance of one rupee and annas two was to be paid. Mr. Wadia paid the balance willingly. Mr. Wadia said to Das Ganu that it was his first visit to SHIRDI and he had not seen BABA earlier, How is it, that BABA received rupees three and annas fourteen. It was revealed that he spent rupees three annas fourteen on a muslim saint towards reception and the expenditure incurred, exactly tallied with rupees three and annas fourteen. That a great wonderfull event is this to note the unity between one saint and the other.

Shri Schinde of Harda had no male issue except seven daughters. In 1903 he prayed to Lord Shri Dattatreya at Gangapur for a son and vowed that he would bring the son to the Lord with in a year. 'He was granted a boon but he failed to take his son to Gangapnr, In 1911 he visited SHIRDI. SAI BABA uttered that male issue was not in his destiny HE Tore up HIS body and gave him one. Mr. Schinde felt very deeply and begged for pardon.

Once Upasani Maharaja did not offer Naivedya to SAI BABA 'who come to him in disguise of a black deg. He offered to his celebra­ted Ditty who did not accept it on the plea that he failed to recognize sa! BABA.

Another striking incidence of co-ordination and affectionate relationship was witnessed in a cocoanut case. A pleader by name Shri Pundalikar Rao was given a cocoanut by saint Vasu Devanand Saraswati known as Tembey Swamy at Rajahmundry (in Andhra Pradesh State) to be handed-over to his beloved brother SAI. Shri Rao broke-down the same cocoanut given by the Saint at Manmad station to quench his thirst. No sooner he reached SAI BABA the later demanded the cocoanut sent by his brother. Shri Rao became helpless beyond words, fell down on the feet of BABA and asked him to pardon, He wanted to bring another' cocoanut in place of it. BABA did not agree saying that the cocoanut sent by his brother was matchless and was mere than any precious thing on earth and no cocoanut can compensate it.

Shri Harishchandra Pitale from Bombay who prayed BABA was given rupees 3/- and was asked to worship along with Rupees 2/- already given. Pitale did not understand Rs. 2/- since it was his first visit to BABA. On reaching home his mother informed that Swami Akkalkot had given Rs. 2/- to his father. Thus BABA proved that HE is Akkalkot.

A Kanerese Saint Appa (near Belgaum) advised Shri V.H. Thankur to go through Vichar sagar a very sacred book on Vedanta. He was informed that by his good luck he would meet a great Saint in near future who would lead him further. As predicted by Saint Mr. Thankur met BABA who reminded him about his meeting with Appa and guided him in spiritual matter. This strange incidence is nothing but the divine assignment and promoting co-ordination of the two saints.

Shri Haribhau Karnik of Dahanu (Thana district) after offering dakshina to Sri Sai Baba left the Masjid. While stepping down the Masjid he thought of paying one more rupee but did not do as he had already taken the permission of BABA to leave SHIRDI. After some time he met saint Narsing Maharaj in Kalaram temple. The saint demanded rupee one it was gladly given by Karnik. What a wonderful event and co-ordination of two great saints.

Now let us see how saints treat and respect each other.

Once Meher Baba met Shri Sai Baba. The later addressed him as PAR VAR DI GAR". Meher Baba who knew the real    worth said    that 'SAI BABA is the Master of creation".

Once Nanavalli asked BABA to got up. BABA smilingly and willingly got up and offered his gadi (Seat). Nana wali after sitting for while got up and prostrated before Baba and then requested him to ensure the seat. Every one there wondered as why Baba had submitted to Nana Wali. This shows the love and affection of Baba for a real devotee. HE fulfilled the idea of becoming a slave to a model devotee.

Let one be a saint or a devotee, if found very proudy or showy was disliked by Baba. This is seen in the case of Haji Sidik Palke. This gentleman after Haj (visiting the sacred place i.e, Mecca and Madina) came to SHIRDI and stayed in Chavadi. Baba used to see him daily but never spoke to him months together. He was not allowed to step into Masjid. All wondered to note that such an holy person was ignored by BABA. After nine months Shama asked BABA about his strangee behaviour with this holy man BABA replied that Allah has not permitted him to do so. After putting Haji to many trails, one day Baba went to Haji scolded him by saying that be was very proud of his pilgrimage to Mecca and pose him­self to be a very great man. Haji became helpless and could not answer. There after Baba went to Masjid and sent sent mangoes to him and then he went to him and took rupees fifty five from his pocket and gave them to Haji. Later on Baba allowed Haji to stay with him and treated him pleasingly. This is how Baba behaved with an holy man.

He who took the name of Allah or GOD was liked and respected by bAba. This is seen in Rohilla's case. This man used to recite (Allah Ho Akbar), so loudly that the villagers in SHIRDI were disturbed. Many times the villagers approached BABA but BABA never drew him out of SHIRDI. Nobody knew the secret of Rohilla except BABA. To get rid of bad thoughts and to get peace of mind the Rohilla used to recite the name of GOD round the clock loudly, BABA never took objections to the ways of Rohilla's rememberance of GOD. After some time the Rohilla left SHIRDI.

Shri Javahar Ali (a fakir) lived in SHIRDI with SAI BABA He was highly learned man and used to recite Kalma from Quran very sweetly. Ho attracted a very good number of people in SHIRDI. BABA took no objection to become his disciple. The Fakir did not urderstand the greatness of BABA whereas the later knew the weaknesses. As desired by his Guru BABA accompanied him to Rahta but the people of Shirdi soon brought both of them back to SHIRDI, At that time a saint Sri Devi Das Janani was alreacly residing at Maruthi temple in SHIRDI. He tested Jawahar Ali found wanting and defeated in many religious disscussions. The Fakir left SHIRDI and after some time retu­rned to SHIRDI- Ho came to know the supernatural power of BABA and prostrated before BABA. BABA received him with great respect. The Fakir became the Chela and Sai the Guru. BABA never disgraced him for his handicaps on the other hand he loved him, Thus BABA set up an example as how an ideal saint should behave with the saints and so called saints.


"If Nine forms of Bhakti are followed devotionally GOD manifests Himself in the home of a Devotee-


According to Hindu Mythological belief when adverse circumsta­nces prevail in the life, it is generally believed that the present suffering is on account of the past misdeeds and the Hindus are advised to perform navagraha pooja, so that the evil effects may be mitiga­ted if not eradicated rootlessly. The Nava Graha's are Bhaskara Chandra, Angaraka, Budha, Grahaspathy, Shokula, Shani, Rahu and Kethu.

It has historical relevance, for during the regime of Akbar, The Great in Mugal Dynasty the court was adorned with NAVARATNA.

In Shri Sai Satcharitha the significance   of Nine is three fold.

Once a merchant came to SHIRDI. Before, him, the Mara passed Nine Balls of stool. He got peace of mind by gathering all the Nine balls in his Dhotar. Mr. Patankar who came to SHIRDI to have the Darshan of BABA asked Ganesh Damodar alias Dada Kelkar what BABA means the later replied that the Mare is GOD's grace and the Nine balls excreted are the nine forms of Bhakti viz., 1. Shravana (Hearing), 2. Kirtana (Praying), 3. Smarana(remembering), 4. Padasevana (restoring of feet), 5. Archana (Worship), 6. Nimaskara (bowing), 7. Dasya(Service) 8. Sakhyatva (friendship), 9. Atmanivedana (Surrender of the self). If these are devotionally followed, Lord Hari will be pleased and manife­sts himself in the home of a Devotee,

II           Once SAI BABA appeared in disguise of a Fakir before Mrs, Kulkarni at Thana and asked Dakshina. The lady gave him a rupee. SAI-BABA gave her a small pocket of UDI and asked her to keep it in the Shrine along with the photo for worship. At that time her husband was not available at the house. When he returned, his wife narrated this incident. On hearing, Mr. Kulkarni said that had he been present at the time of the visit of the Fakir he would have offered Ruppes Ten as Dakshina instead of rupee one.

One fine day Mr. Kulkarni went for a walk with his friend Mr. Chitra. He met the same fakir when he demanded  Dakshina. Mr. Kulkarni gave him a rupee. He again putforth his hand. Kulkarni gave rupees two. Still the fakir was not satisfied. Then he borrowed rupees three from his friend Chitra and gave to Baba. The later deman­ded more, Mr. Kulkarni took BABA to his house and offered Rupees three for the fourth time (in all nine rupees). The fakir looked unsatisfied. Then Mr. Kulakarni gave him Ten rupees Note. BABA took ten rupees note and the Nine rupees consecrated by BABA's touch were returned to Mr. Kulkarni. The figure nine denotes the nine types of devotion-

Ill          Again the significance of nine was recorded in Shri Satcharita when BABA, gave rupees Nine(coins) to Laxmibai Shinde at the time of passing away, This lady was the strongest devotee of SAI BABA. She served BABA day and night. BABA wanted to give some precious thing in return of meritorious services. On Vijaya Dashmi (Dasara) i.e.,15-10-1918 Just before BABA crossed the border of line put his hand in pocket and gave her once rupees Five (5) and again rupees four (i) in all rupees Nine (9). This figure Nine are the Characteristics of a good disciple which she remembered for ever and also is a standing proof at SHIRDI even now for the devotees to pray and get SAI's Asheervad.


"Though I AM here I know what you do beyond seven seas".


BABA's omniscience is a Godly characteristic, His forecast, pre­diction about the present and future, and reading of minds of the people never failed. He could tell well in advance the dangers and evil effects of the day and the future to the devotees who came to him and at the same time offered practical solution, and precautionary measures to be taken, through HIS unique and wonderful directives and suggestions.

Let a man be farway, he cannot escape from the   gaze   of  SAI is substantiated in the following examples.

Sri Noolkar a sub-judge of Pandharipur came to SHIRDI to improve his health. BABA, blessed him and he left SHIRDI. A pleader from Pandharipur came to BABA fell on his feet and offered Dakshlna without being asked for. BABA said very surprisingly that how cunning the people are? They fall at the feet and offer Dakshina, inwardly abuse and speak ill of others at the back. Then the pleader said to Kaka Saheb Dixit that BABA's remarks were fully applicable to him and were correct. SHIRDI is some three hundred miles away from Pandharipur. BABA by his omniscience revealed the discussions that took place in bar association at Pandharipur about the learned Sub-Judge The pleader made critical estimate of the Sub-Judge's visit to SHIRDI. The pleader was put to shame and thought that be should not speak ill of others.

In 1910 Lala Lakshmi Chand who saw Baba surrounded by Bhaktas in a dream was astonished to see the same figure in a photo placed before the audience by Das Ganu while performing kirtan, He was coming to SHIRDI on his way he inquired with some fellow passengers about BABA. They informed him that SAI BABA was a great Saint. When he came near he saw SAI whose face tallied with the person in his dream. BABA said "You cunning fellow where was the need for you to ask others about ME? Is your dream not real? Lakshmi-chand felt very deeply about BABA's omniscience and begged pardon.

In Burhanpore, a lady saw BABA at her door asking for Kichidi. She informed her husband and both Came to SHIBDI and stayed for (14) days worshipping BABA. Due to some unavoidable reasons she could not offer Kichidi all these days. On fifteenth day she came to BABA with kichidi. BABA who knew all about this was anxiously waiting for her offering, HE left out all other dishes offered by devotees and ate kichidi happily. This shows BABA's love foe his devotees.

Megha of Viramgaon was an orthodox Brahmin and a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. On his way to SHIRDI he thought that SAI-BABA was a muslim, and why should he bow before him? When became" near, BABA angrily uttered go away, Why to meet him when he lose his caste. Megha wondered as to how baba knew about what was passing in his mind on the way to shirdi.

Once BABA told a richman who came to him for Brahma Jnana that there were rupees two hundred and fifty in his pocket. On counting the gentleman found exactly the same figure. He fell on BABA's feet for his omniscience.

Shri Harishandra. Pitale came to SHIRDI with his family. He placed his sick son on baba's feet and prayed for health. Mrs. Pitale wept bitterly. BABA said 'have patience* and ordered to go to their lodge. Pitale's family became desperate and came to the lodge with a heavy heart and doubted whether the boy would be protected and saved by BABA. See the miracle of our Sad Guru, the boy recovered immediately. BABA who read the mind of the couple said "all your doubts and fear might have calmed down". Saints like GOD depend on the devotee who surrender whole heartedly and pray with strong faith.

Once in 1916 Shri Shantamm Nachra Debathari forget to give Annas two given by his friend Shri V. S. Samant. BABA reminded Shantaram who gave him and asked baba's pardon.

Shri Bapu Saheb Booty who was at SHIBDI got a prediction from a great astrologer named Naiia Saheb Dengale that the day was worst and most unfavourable. BABA who was omniscient told Booty that he need not be afraid of death, 'Allah will save him'. As soon as Booty entered the house he saw a snake. He was frightened and prayed .BABA. The snake soon disappeared. This is how BABA saved, the life of his devotee.

Once BABA had beaten the ground with his Satka and asked Abdul to bring lantern. Amir Shakkar who sat near BABA took fear, when the light was brought, Amir saw a snake moving towards him BABA gave the timely warning and saved Amir.

Once BABA asked Bala Saheb Miriaker whether he knew about Lamba Babu viz., serpent. The later did not understand BABA's word and left SHIRDI with Shama as per the advice of BABA, They reached Chaitali at 9-00 P.M. and encamped in Marathi temple. A snake sat unobserved on a portion of Miriakar's dhotor. The peon brought a lan­tern and shouted serpent, serpent. Bala Saheb was terribly frightened. SHAMA was also greatly surprised, The snake did not bite. Then they remembered the words Lamba Baba of BABA and thanked for saving life.

Sri B.V. Deo the Mamlatedor in Thana Disrrict was taken away by surprise to hear that Sri SAI BABA as promised came and partici­pated in religious ceremony in guise of a Sanyasi along with two. Nobody recognised him. Here on that particular day the devotees were with BABA in Dwaakamai only. They could hardly believe. This incident shows BABA's all pervasiveness. Living in SHIRDI, BABA assumed different forms and increased the faith of devotees by his indescribable powers.

Once a devotee from Goa sent (300) three hundred mangoes to SAI BABA. BABA kept four mangoes in the pot and all the others were given to SHAMA. Nobody knew as why BABA retained four mangoes. Then Damu Anna who had no issues came to BABA. He was told by astrologer that he had no issues at all in his horoscope. He became very disappointed and prayed BABA. BABA who expected him and had already reserved four mangoes, handed over to him with instructions to see that the four mangoes were to be eaten by his junior wife and she will have four daughters. baba's words proved and the astrologer's pre­diction failed.

Once a Sudhak of yoga who had no peace of mind had come to BABA and observed baba eating bread with raw onion. He doubted whe­ther this ordinary man could solve his problem. BABA who read his mind uttered that he who has the power to digest onions should eat  and none else. The Yogi's hair stood on all over his body. BABA seeing his feeling and repentance called him and blessed.

It is very interesting to note that one had to stay at SHIRDI as BABA wished and had to leave when told. Staying and leaving depe­nded upon the will of BABA. Those who disobeyed BABA's instructions suffered and wore unsafe. The below instances proved the words of

Once Tatya Kote Patil asked BABA to permit him to leave for Kopargaon Bazar. BABA did not agree and said not to make haste. Seeing the anxiety BABA asked him to take Shama along with him. This also he did not oblige and drew his Tonga. After going to some distance the Tonga fell down., and Tatya received minor injuries.

On another occasion Tatya while going to Khalhar village faced the similar accident. He remembered SAI and felt for not having obeyed HIS advice.

Once a European gentleman was advised to leave SHIRDI the next day. Without caring BABA's words he left the place the same day in a Tonga, Seeing a bicycle in front; the horses frightened and ran fast and the tonga fell down. The gentleman sustained injuries. He was adm1-tted in Kopargaon hospital.

Kaka Maha Jani came to SHIRDI from Bombay with the Sole intention of staying for about a week. When he prostrated BABA told him to leave SHIRDI the next day only. Kaka Maha Jani reluctantly left; As soon as he came to office he was informed that his boss was feeling his absence very badly for some official purpose. He said BABA's word was law.

BABA's omniseienee is beyond any doubts. He gave Darshan to the devotees who surrendered to him at far off places and dragged them to SHIRDI. Mrs. Sapitnekar Kakaji Vaidya of Nasik and Panjabi Rama-lal of Bombay are a few examples out of many to substantiate the above-Now a few words about BABA's Remniscience. The story of two goats and Veerabhadrappa and Chenabassappa is well known in the SHRI SAI SATCHABITA. BABA narrated the previous life in the above two Cases and explained the history of previous births as human beings.

Hemadpant says that the accumulation and restoration of merits in past make us fortunate and lucky in the present janma, to have the darshan and close association of great saints. Devotees Don't know but the omnipotent knows,

Once BABA told Shama very affectionately "You were with ME during seventy two generations. BABA said unless there is some relation­ship nobody goes any where". He proved the saying of Lord Shri Krishna in BHAGAVADGITA "I and you have passed through many rounds of births. I remember them all but you don't know them".


"           As all the rivers join the sea, in the same way the different spiritual paths reach ME"


The word pooja is understood in terms of Japa or worship. It is one of the most accepted and sacred rituals performed by devotees. To Muslims it is known as NAMAZ. Worship may be done in the houses of the devotees or in temples, mosques and churches daily or on some festival occasions. Before performing the pooja to a particuler diety, Lord Sri Rama, Vishnu Shiva or any other favourite diety GOD or GODESSES the pooja of Lord Shri Ganesh Maharaj is performed at first.

The traditional method of pooja is that after taking bath, the home diety is cleaned. Then sandal wood paste will be applied on the forehead of idol followed by the application of KUM KUM. Then the lighting of lamps, lighting the joss sticks, placing the flowers, offering Naivedya and finally waving the Aarathi by burning the camphor will be done. The pandits and learned people recite slokas in Sanskrit or in the relevant language. After observing all the above formalities, a devotee is likely to get mental satisfaction.

Now coming to SAI BABA and SAI POOJA, SAI BABA himself said, that "I do not require any paraphernalia for worship either eight fold or sixteen fold. If you always say SAI, I shall take you over the seven seas. Believe in these words and you will certainly be benefited". Prom this it is quite evident that SAI BABA was not very particular about SAI POOJA on traditional lines.

The effect of pooja may not necessarily be magical. GOD may or may not give his darshan to a true devotee. It is a fact that true devotee of GOD is subject to many hardships. Indian history had already recorded the wonderful experience of Bhaktha Ram Das. He had full faith in Lord Sri Rama and he was his strongest devotee but there was never a chance in the whole life of this pious man to have the Darshan of GOD. This does not mean that Sri Rama was not with him, It is at the eleventh hour the Lord came to his rescue when he was in jail. From this it can be safely concluded that the devotees need not be disappointed for not having the darshan of Lord Shri Sai Baba even though SAI POOJA is 'being performed very honesty. In our daily life we are likely to get disheartened while passing through trials which are the test to measure our spiritual strength. SAI BABA once tested, some devotees in this way, Fakir Pir Mohammed of Malegaon alias Bade Baba who was very close to him was asked by BABA to cut the Goat and offer as an oblation. He refused to do so. Then Shama was asked. He went to bring knife, Meanwhile Baba asked Kaka Saheb Dixit, who was a pure brahmin, He readily accepted and raised his hand with knife and when the knife was just nearing the throat of the goat BABA said 'stop'. People all around wondered to see that a brahmin was ready to kill a goat. Kaka Saheb said that I always mediate on you and your word is law. Blind surrender and obedience to Guru is my duty.

Hemandpant recorded this incidence in SEI SAI SATCHARITA to point out there are three kinds of disciples. First or the best of these disciples who act blindly on the advice of a Guru without thin­king any thing except Guru. Second or middle class is referred to those who give second consideration to Guru's order and third those who niether obey nor disobey Guru but go on postponing the order of Guru

SAI BABA never objected when he was worshipped in different ways. He did not advocate any particular method of worshipping the GOD.

There is no point in imitating the Slokas blindly without under­standing the meatings and pronouncing words properly, One should be quite clear about pooja and must not invite metaphysical problems and doubts. Pooja is just like horizon and is not subject to diminishing process. It is not very easy to concentrate towards GCD in the midst of many worries. If a sansari performs pooja with full devotion, whole heartedly even for a minute it is more sacred and acceptable to GOD than a sanyasi who does penance under a tree for the last one year. Because of non attachment there is no wonder in it.

SAI POOJA is very simple and most convenient and depends upon the degree of devotion and element of satisfaction which one gets from it. It is an individual affair and left to oneself but however a simpli­fied way of worshipping SAI is given below,

Repeat :

'-Om Sainathayanamaha"



Or still much more and the simpliest way is to chant SAI SAI as many times as posible whenever and wherever one may be. One should not be disappointed for not having the effect of SAI POOJA immediately.

Let us hope that SAI POOJA will bring to us SAI blessings and down the gap between expectation and   attainment considerably.

Let the simplified SAI NAMA JAPA make tomorrow better than today and day after tomorrow still much more better than tomorrow.


In 1916, SAI BABA gave an indication of leaving his mortal coil. People failed to understand him. 'It happened like this. On the most auspicious day i.e, on Vijaya Dashmi (Dasara) BABA all of a sudden became very wild in the evening. ;He took off  all the -worn clothes (head dress, langoti, kafni) tore them up and threw in the burning dhuni. He stepped naked before Dhuni. His face became red. He shouted angrily to findout whether be was a muslim or Hindu. 'Everybody trembled and nobody was brave enough to come near. Atlast Bhagoji Shinde (the leper devotee)' came' near tied langoti and very coolly ask the strange behavior of BABA. BABA. struck the ground with-Sakta said that today is my Seemollanghan day (crossirg the border). At about 11 P,M he assumed normalcy,

Averting the death of Sri Ramachandra Patil,   BABA  said Tatya Paiiil would  die on 15-10-1918 and urged to  maintain  sovereign secrecy As told by Baba Tatya Kote Patil fell sick and was bed ridden in the first fort night of October 1918. Baba was also suffering from fever. Both Tatya Kote and BABA became serious. Vijaya   Dashmi   dawned and Tatya Kote's position   became    very   serious    and there   was no ray of his survival. Very strange and peculiar thing happened. Instead of Tatya Kote, BABA passed away on Tuesday    15-10-1918  at    about    2-30 P.M. BABA exchanged death and saved the life of his beloved  devotee Tatya Kote. Every body was taken away by an air of surprise.   This    incident is worth remembering in the  history of the world,  for this is first an perhaps last example BABA set up. Most unexpected, extraordinary and supernatural event for all of us to remember for   ever. Here the reader and devotees feel and put a very pertinent question as why BABA exchanged death  just for the sake of one devotee leaving  many in   sorrow ocean. The most convincing answer may   perhaps be due to the meritourious services of Bayajabai. She was the mother of Tatya Kote and very faithful and a staunch devotee of BABA. She roamed in the jungle miles' together insearch   of BABA, and forced BABA to take lunch. On repeated requests and insistence BABA used to consume eatables very gladly. BABA used to consume eatables very gladly. BABA recognised    her services and remembered  through out his  life    and in    the    last she    was    suitably rewarded by way of making her son Tatya Kote alive, Tatya Kota right from childhood days, used to roam for BABA    with    his   mother     and used to say BABA "Mama.   Mama".   BABA    developed    invincible  and inexplicable love for Tatya Kote.

It is a general practice to hear the sacred books like Bhagavat Geetha, Ramayana before ones' departure. BABA being an avatar set up this practice. He ordered Mr. Vnze to read SHRI RAMA VIJAY on

15-10-1918. After arti BABA asked his devotees to leave the Masjid for taking meals. All left except Lakshmibai Shinde, Shama, Bhagoj Shinde, Bayaji, Laxman Bala Shimpi and Nana Sabeb, Nimonkar. BABA gave rupees nnie to his boloved devotee Laxmibhai Shinde just before passing away. He leaned on Bayaiji's body and breathed his last.

The news of BABA's passing away spread like wild fire in SHIRDI and all people men, women and children ran in to masjid and wept bitterly-Some became unconscious. Next day i.e. on Wednesday 16-10-1918 SAI BABA appeared in a dream to Laxman Mama Joshi the uncle of Shama and asked him to worship. Laxman Mama. who was an astrologer came with pooja material, and performed kakad arti with all due formalities. In the after noon Baba Saheb Jog performed roon arti as usual on

16-10-1918 "Wednesday in the evening BABA's body was taken in procession and brought to wada and was interred to there with due formalities in Garbha i.e. the central portion reserved for Murlidhar. BABA become the Murlidhar and the Wada a temple,


No power on earth can assess SAI's personality. He is unparallel not only in the history of human beings but Saint's as well. His motherly love, sweet and nectar like words are unforgettable chapters. He was an embodiment of several and most appreciable requisites.

Inwardly he was always engrossed in self realisation. He spoke very liberally and freely. He conquered the hearts of all the people including those who had no belief in him. His behavior and action was very peculiar and unique. He was all-pervasive. He used to tell a number of wonderful stories. He allowed his devotees to serve in any way, they liked including shampooing his legs. He who had no peace of mind was made peaceful, sins atoned and bad habits removed. He purified the hearts. He had patience and tolerance in abundance. He had full belief in Karma.

He made no distinction between a rich or poor, big or small, Hindu or Muslim. People were immensely benefited by having his darshan. He was impartial and a reservoir of solace. The cruel people were changed into soft. He used to derive pleasure in serving the humanity, day and night Prof. G.G. Narke says BABA's words were highly cryptic symobical, and allegorical.

He was Guru of Gurus. (Sad Guru), The qualities, viz; non-atta­chment, knowledge, simplicity and above all generosity, were in him.

BABA explained the inscrutable powers of Maya in these words, "As I have became a fakir, I have no house or wife and though leaving off all cares. I have Stayed at one place. The inevitable, Maya teases me often. Though I forget Myself I cannot forget Her, She always envelops me. This Maya (illusive power) of the Lord(SHRI HARI) teases GOD Brahma and others, then what to speak of a poor Fakir like ME? How sweet and meaningful are these words?

BABA's wonderful way of testing the devotees is one of the most striking characteristics. To quote an instance once SAI BABA went to Upasani Maha Baja in disguise of a naked Fakir. Upasani refused to offer Naivedya to BABA prepared for his Deity. When he came to know that the beggar was none except SAI BABA, he repented and requested BABA to pardon.

He cut jokes in times of leisure and contemplation. He behaved like a man and used to sing and dance. When Megha, one of his most favorite devotee died, BABA shed tears and he too participated in the funeral orations Megha.

The name of Allah was always in his lips. He honored religious books like Quoran, Ramayana, Bible etc; and advised devotees to go through Vishnu Sahasra Nam. He said that the scared books are very valuable and prove effacious in the most critical times. He was yogi who had perfect control over body and mind.

It is the special characteristics of BABA to keep the devotees under suspense and create the element of fear. This is perhaps to incre­ase devotion towards the Almighty.

BABA addressed women as mother, men as kaka, bapu Bhai etc', It is seen that many a saints left houses went to forests, caves, far away from the worldly people for mediation and were self absorded. After attaining GOD vision, the Saints rarely bother about the worldly people. SAI BABA's case is quite different. He lived around us. Led the life of a begger, taught people how to behave.

HIS belonging consisted of a tumrel (tin pot) zoli, a challam tobocco, long kafni (piece of white cloth round his head) and a satka (short stick).

HE was full of love beauty, purity, patience and divinity. His mercy was magnanimously pervasive and captivatingly persuasive.

Another distinguishing feature of his life was selflessness, regularity and practicability. HE was the doctor of doctor’s great spiritual soul and social reformer. HE elevated SHIRDI. No saint is a comparison to him in all aspects and respects in the realm of spiritualism.

As depicted by Shri Hemadpant BABA's life contains the wisdom of vedas, upanishads and Geeta in the shape of stories and miracles.

SAI BABA is the eternal light of the world. Even in darkenss light dawns for those who believe in HIM.



"I draw to ME MY devotees from far off distance a thousand koas away from ME like a sparrow with the thread tied to its feet".


Today SAI's name and fame has spread far and wide and people of different faiths from various parts of India and abroad are visiting SHIRDI. If places like Kashi, Pandaripur, Tirupathi, Nasik, Jagannath are holy places of pilgrimage to Hindus, Macca to Muslims, Jerusalem to Christs, Gurudwara to Sikhs, SHIBDI to all religions in the world-It has become an international divine centre. SAI's Darbar is open to all creeds and isms. The main reason for such a huge pilgrimage every day shows how popular SAI BABA is. He is fulfilling the desires of people in every walk of life. This is a novel feature worth appreciating; SAI is evergreen and ever lasting.

It is better   to   know    the    important    places to   be   visited in .SHIRDI.

As soon as one-steps in to the sacred soil of SHIRDI he may contact the SHIBDI Sansthan authority who will arrange for boarding and lodging. Then we can have the darshan of Gurusthan. Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai Chavadi, Lendibaig and memorable persons like Bhagat Mhalasapati, Laxmibai Shinde and others, Each one of them has its own story to tell us and remind the glorious and most fortu­nate days of the past and a call for the future prosperous and peaceful life.

At SHIRDI the entire process of visiting all the above places may be completed within bo time. A few words about each make us understandable the significance and practical utility of the sacred place like. SHIRDI.


"My Guru never expected anything from ME except Dakshina i.e. NISTHA (Faith) and Saboori (patience)".


BABA himself told many a times that  he served his Guru for 12 years and performed penance   beneath the   earth and    came out and sat under the Neem tree.

On the advise of God Khandoba, a particular place was dug out and he bricks were found and underneath a flat stone. When the stone was removed a corridor was seen in which four lights were burning. The corridor led to a cellar where cow mouth shaped structure wooden boards necklaces were seen. Khandoba said this lad (that is SAI BABA) practiced deep penance here for 12 years. When people asked, BABA said that is his Guru's place. Bhagat, Mhalasapati and other dear devo­tees of BABA bowed to Baba's Guru at first.

Under the neem tree the padukas foot prints of Akkalkotkar Maharaj were installed by the will of SAI BABA. It is believed that he who burns incense on every thursday and Friday before Gurusthan will be blessed.


"He who steps in to MY SAMADHI MANDIE all his troubles  cease".


On Wednesday 16-10-1918 BABA's body was taken in procession and brought to the wada and was inferred there with due formalities in the garbha i, e. the central portion reserved for, Murlidhar. Infact BABA became Muridhar and the wada became a temple (holy shrine) At present it is known as Samadhi Mandir where hundred of people prostrate everyday before it and pray. On the Samadhi beautiful marble statue of BABA is installed. Devotees who visit Samadhi Mandir are apt to remember the these golden words of BABA. "Believe me though I pass away my bones in tomb will give you hope and confidence. Not only myself but my tomb would be speaking moving and communicat­ing with those who surrender themselves whole heartedly. Don't be anxious that I would, absent from you. You will hear MY bones spea­king and discussing your welfare. But always remember ME belive in ME heart and soul then you will be most benefited",

Thanks to SHIBDI Sansthan for maintaining it very neatly and awaking elaborate arrangements for providing Darshan of Lord Shri Nath to hundreds of devotees daily, through a well organised queue system In the Samadhi Mandir the articles used by BAB A are kept, safely.

Hundies are also placed in Samadhi Mandir. The devotees whose cherished desires are fulfilled by the grace of BAB A place the offerings Gold, Silver or Rupees in the Hundies. Even a flower placed on Samadhi Mandir with greatest love is accepted by BAB A.

Pilgrims are requested to attend    arati   in   the   morning,   noon, evening, night without fail.


"He who rests in her lap (Dwarkamai) all the sufferings end"


Dwarkamai the (Mosque), where BABA stayed for nearly (60) years 's very near to   Gurusthan.

About Dwarkamai BABA said many a times "She wards off all dangers and anxieties of the devotees. This Masjid Mai is very merciful-She is the mother of all the devotees whom she will save in calamities-Once a person sits on her lap all his troubles are over. He who rest in her shade gets bliss". In Dwarknmai, BABA used to sleep alternati­vely. He used to lit the earthen lamps and kept burning through out nights. baba sat on Gadi (stone) and blessed the devotees. HE prepared prasad in a Hundi and distributed to the devotees. In Dwarkamai he kept the DHUNI burining day and night. HE always sat in front of DHUNI facing south with his left hand resting on the wooden railing-A beautiful photo of BABA is placed before DHUNI. BABA himself distributed the sacred ashes Udi from Dhuni to the devotees. Some times passed Udi in the palms of devotees, and marked their fore heads with Udi with HIS finger. Udi cured the most dreadufl diseases during his life time and now also. The articles such as grinding stone, garment etc. are also kept in Dwarkamai.

Devotees who visit Dwarkami may kindly feed the Dhuni with fire wood and the earth lamps with oil.

Dwarkamai stands a living symbol today for national integration and solidarity to Hindu Muslim unity with a consciousness’ of SABKA MALIK EK HAI.

(4)    CHAVADI

"My words are always pregnant with meaning and never Hallow".


Chavadi is located at a distance of about 106 feet from Samadhi Mandir and 50 feet from Dwarkamai. Chavadi is sanctified by BABA due to his stay. It has two small portions. Qn the right side a big portrait of BABA in a sitting posture is placed on a wooden stool. Infront of this portrait we can see the padukas of BABA. One oil lamp is kept burning at all, times before BABA. In the left portion one wheel chair of white colour and one wooden bed stead are kept. one plauquin is also kept. These are preserved as memento.

During the life time of BABA His aarati was being sung in the Chavadi. On every thursday BABA is taken in planquin (palki) in procession. One day he slept in masjid and next day in chavadi. Bapu Saheb Jog washed the feat of BABA in a silver plate and worshipped HIM with due formalities then besmeared His arms with sandalpaste and offerred tambal betel leaves. Shama then prepared a chillam and handed over to Tatya Kote who drew a flame by a puff and gave it to BABA. After baba had smoke it was passed on to Mhalasapati and then to others. Tatya Kote who addressed BABA as Mama, threw :a golden emb­roidered beautiful shaal over BABA's body and cool him from- Chavadi-Then Kaka Saheb Dixit came forward with a silver plate containing flowers besmeared with gulal (Red powder) and threw on BABA's face. There after Tatya Kote and Mhalasapati held the left and right hand respectively. Devotees both men and women put a mugut (Crown) placed garlands flowers and jewels round HIS neck. The devotees conducted Bhajan dances with all musical instrument before BABA, and shouted the victory of BABA. Finally Bapu Saheb Jog waved the Aarti over baba and after the Aarati was over the devotees returned homes with Sai's blessings.

In short words fail to    describe the   scene and    splendour of the occasion.



"He who rests here gets peace of  mind".


sai BABA never sat idle. He was always busy some times media­ting GOD, on many occasion 'attending to his devotees. He brought Jas­mines and marigolds from Rahata and planted, watered them and trans­ferred the wilderness in to a lovely garden. Now this garden is known Lendi Bagh with beautiful surroundings and attractions. The pilgrims can spend time most pleasantly in this garden. It is a resting place for relaxation and a place of interest to photographers.

In Lendibagh BABA kept a lamp burning known as NANDIDEEP. It is kept burning since then and the devotee may pour oil in it during their visit to SHIRDI as a token of devotion and worship.


'Allah Rakhega Vaisa Ho Rehena".


Out of all the devotees who were nearest to BABA Bhagat Mhalasapat and Tatya Kote were the fore most. These two slept with BABA. in Dwarkanmi and Chavadi. BABA loved these two equally. BABA addressed Mhalasapati as Bhagat for his noble qualities. As Sri Veeranjaneya is to Sri Rama so Mhalasapati to SAI. He was a priest in Kandobha temple at SHIRDI and the first who recognised BABA’s worth.

He applied sandal paste to BABA's forehead daily and worshipped. It is he who had given the name of SAI, with which all the devotees through out the world remember. He faced poverty during the whole life. Ho never bothered about worldly life; He dedicated his whole life in spiritual matters; serving BABA    with all    his might and main. In Chavadi procession he caught hold of the right hand of BABA.

SAI BABA had full confidence in Mhalasapati. In 1886 when BABA tried to yogic exercise of facing his Prana high up in order to free himself from a severe attack of Asthma he requested him to look after his body as it would remain motionless for about seventy two (72)hours. Mhalasapati guarded the body of BABA in his lap for three (3) days.

As per the order of BABA Mhalasapati put his hand on BABAs' heart chanting the name of GOD. BABA made him alert from dosing whenever HE felt his hand heavy on HIS heart,

In spite of leading a very miserable life he never accepted huge money offered by devotees. HE believed in the famous dictum of BABA i.e. Poverty is far better than prosperity. He preferred spiritual life to material and setup a model example to all others. To him each word of BABA proved a reality.

SAI BABA gave to Mhalasapati HIS satka (stick) kafni and coins which are preserved at his house. Devotees can see them even now.

Mhalasapati left his body on sacred day Ekadashi Monday 11-9-1922 and his soul merged in SAI.


My devotees  will never perish".


Another devotee whom BABA loved was Laxmi Bhai Shindee BABA in return of her meritorious services just before leaving the mortal coil on 15-10-1918 gave her 4+5 = 9 rupees. These nine are the characteristics of a good disciple. The nine coins which are framed and kept at her house are open to the devotees to be worshipped. The pilg­rims may kindly visit the house of Bhagat Mhalasapati and Laxmibhai. Shinde which are very near to Dwakamai.

All the above most important places are within one to two fur­longs in SHIRDI and can most conveniently be visited within an hour


BABA used to get Biksha from five selected households in SHIRDI Sri Vaman Tatya, Sri Sakhram Sheke. Sri Nandu Marwadi, Sri Appaji Kote and Sri Tatya Kote. These -were the lucky persons from whom BABA accepted Biksha. The devotees -who dined with BABA wore Kakasaheb Dixit, Gopal Rao Booti, Tatya Patil Kote, Nanasaheb Nimmonkar, Bimchanda Patil Madhobosle, Peer Mohammed Yaseen, Madhava-Rao Deshapande alias (SHAMA) and Bhagat Mhalasapati.


The important festivals hi SHIRDI are PUJNIYA THITHIC babe's crossing the border of life) (Dasara Festival) Guru Pournima, Sri Rama Navami and Gokul Ashtami. The Puniya Thithi festival is celebrated for four days. It is a very big gathering where nearly 4 lakns of people .participate and worship BABA through paying homage, Keetan, singing, taking procession.

In order to see that the above festivals come out; most; success­fully the court receiver holds a number of meetings well in advance for preparing the ensuing amazements. The work will be assigned to the responsible officers of SHIRDI SANSTHAN.


We thank SHIRDI SANSTHAN for arranging meals as SAl PRASAD at a very cheaper and nominal rate. Thousands of devotees who went to SHIRDI expressed complete satisfaction for a bellyful meals. This is one of the wonders of SAI. At a time hundreds of people can dine in SAI Bhojan Hall. Let him be a rich or poor, big or small all stand and make in a 'Q'. No VIP treatment. We are very lucky to have such facilities. We feel as if we are at home and more than this_ It is all due to SAI's karishma,

While returning from SHIRDI devotees are requested to bring along with them UDI, SAI PHOTOS, SAI rings, SAI literature etc., as per the likings,


SL Name                                                Services

N°j___________________________   rendered___________

1 Bhagat Mhalasapati Slept with    SAI BABA    at   Dwarkamai

and Chavadi. Applying sandal paste on the forehead of BABA daily. In Chavadi procession he caught hold of BABA's right hand.

2 Tatya Koto Slept   with    bAba    in    Dwatkamai    and Chavadi. In Chavadi procession he threw a golden embroidered shaal over BABA's body and caught hold of BABA'a left hand.

3 Madhavrio Despande Introduction of   devetees   to BABA, Reading out the    letters addressed to BABA

4 Das Ganu Maharaj Spread  of    SAI's    teachings    through Kirtans, Bhajans.

5 Bayaj Bai Feeding BABA with Jawar ki Boti.

6 Bapu Sabeh Jog Performing Aarati   to BABA daily,

7 Kashiram Shimpi Stiching BABA's garments.

8 Bhagoji Shinde(Leper) Messaging BABA's body.

9 Abdulla Lighting the lamps at Dwarkamai.

10 Radhakrishrw Aayi Cleaning the   streets where    BABA used

to walk daily.

11 Solicitor Dikshit and Sathe : They built Wada    for the   convenience of devotees.

12 Gopalarao Buti Resting place of BABA's body.

13 Shri Hemadpant Writings of the   most   sacred   hook "SRI SAI SATCHARITA". in Marathi.



In the end, a very few concluding remarks are  offered.

All the maxima in this booklet aim not only to prove the supremacy of Lord SHRI SAI BAB A but lead ultimately to the conc­lusion that SAI is undoubtedly the GOD on earth.

SAI is our Annadatha, Sadguru, Philosopher, Friend, Doctor, Teacher, Kalpavriksha and a boon bestowing hand. We are verv lucky to have the most valuable preachings which continue to inspire all human cultures. SAI is over green and over lasting Lord. The greatness of SAI lies in the fact that HE is proving more active and responsive as before taking Maha Samadhi. This is indeed a great divine gift. HE performed a number of miracles to save the devotees from sufferings and calamities. A true devotee who surrenders to Him whole heartedly, will be protected undoubtedly.

We the people or devotees who display SAI's photos on all sides in homes should not forgot that SAI is watching our  day   to day activities, whether good or bad. "Let noble   thoughts   come to us from all

Forget the" word I "and say HE i.e., "SAI" devotionally, then the problems get solved by his grace. What is required is Guru Dakshina to SAI in terms of devotion and patience in plenty. Inturn wait and see should be our motto.

I feel as if we are all traveling in a ship   which  is in tempests SAI is our navigator to  take us to the    destination    Safely.    Why fear when SAI is with us. HE will not let us drown.

SAI had already assured that HE is always with the devotees who sing HIS songs and Leelas with unshakable belief. Let us chant SAI, SAI as many times as possible and cast our burden on HIM,

It is hoped that after reading this booklet a reader is likely to get spiritual change leading to optimistic life by the grace of SAI BABA

Let us try our best to spread SAI cult through out the world-I am quite sure that HIS benevolent rays shower on true devotees without fail and make the life peaceful, self supporting and blissful. Let all of us have SAI GURU and HIS preaching’s as beacon light to bring heaven on earth.