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Sree Sai Samartha



The Life & Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba














Dedicated to


Gurudev Sivanesan Swamiji


of Shirdi











Sree Sai Baba of Shirdi




Sree Sai Samartha



The Life & Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba



the original in Marathi by

Govind Raghunath Dabholkar - Hemadpant


translated in English by





Sai Press India Pvt. Ltd.

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Sree Sai Samartha Satcharita

The Life & Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba

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First edition Feb. 2004



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(Govind R. Dabholkar – Annasaheb)

(The Author of the original Sree Sai Satcharita in Marathi)

He, by Baba’s grace, had the privilege to compose, in Marathi, Sree Sai Samartha Satcharita, a Gita for Sai devotees







Particulars                                                                                         .



-     author of the original ‘Sree Sai Satcharita’ in Marathi ix-x


-     to the first Marathi edition by Hari Sitaram
       alias Kakasaheb Dikshit                                      

Chapter 1

-     The Invocation                                                     

Chapter 2

-     The Purpose of the Narration relating

       to the recounting of the Naming Ceremony       

Chapter 3

-     The Consent given  to Write this Book              

Chapter 4

-     The Appearance of Sai Samartha                        

Chapter 5                                                                   

-     The Re-appearance of Sree Sai                            

Chapter 6                                                                   

-     The Narration of the Story of Ram-janam


Chapter 7                                                                   

-     The Narration of Various Stories                       

Chapter 8                                                                   

-     The Incarnation of Sai Samarth                           

Chapter 9  

-     Untitled by Dabholkar                                         

Chapter 10

-     The Greatness of Sree Sai Samarth                     

Chapter 11

-     The Description of Sree Sai’s Greatness            

Chapter 12

-     The Darshan of Ram - Sree Sant Gholap            

Chapter 13

-     The Cure of Bhimaji’s Tuberculosis                  

Chapter 14

-     Ruttonji’s Meeting with Sai                                

Chapter 15

-     The Story of Cholkar’s Sugar                             

Chapter 16

-     The Narration of the Knowledge of Brahman    

Chapter 17

-     The Narration of the Knowledge of Brahman    

Chapter 18

-     Favour that was Bestowed on Me                      

Chapter 19

-     Favour that was Bestowed on Me                      

Chapter 20

-     The Lesson of the Essence of the Ishavasya       

Chapter 21

-     Bestowing Grace                                                 

Chapter 22

-     Warding Off of Untimely Death                         

Chapter 23

-     The Spectacle of the Leela of Guru and Disciple

Chapter 24

-     Splendid Humour                                                

Chapter 25

-     Achieving the Devotee’s Welfare by Granting

       What is Desired Deeply                                       

Chapter 26

-     Prevention of Epilepsy and Suicide &

       Stabilisation of Faith at One’s Own Guru’s Feet         

Chapter 27

-     Bestowal of Initiation and Grace                        

Chapter 28

-     Narration of Visions                                            

Chapter 29

-     Narration of Stories of Dreams                          

Chapter 30

-     Narration of Vows and Other Stories                 

Chapter 31

-     The Greatness of Darshan                                   

Chapter 32

-     Narration of the Guru’s Greatness                     

Chapter 33

-     The Power of the Udi                                          

Chapter 34

-     The Greatness of Udi                                           

Chapter 35- The Erasure of Doubts and Misapprehensions

       and the Embellishment of Vibhuti                      

Chapter 36

-     The All-Pervasiveness of Sai and the Fulfilment of

       His Blessings                                                       

Chapter 37

-     Description of the Chavadi                                 

Chapter 38

-     Description of the Cooking and the Vessel        

Chapter 39

-     The Discourse on the Essence of the Verse of the

       Geeta and the Creation of the Samadhi Mandir 

Chapter 40

-     The Narration of the Udyapan Story                   

Chapter 41

-     The Bestowal of Sai’s Grace and Favour           

Chapter 42

-     Leaving of the Body by Sainath                          

Chapter 43

-     Leaving of the Body by Sainath                          

Chapter 44

-     Leaving of the Body by Sainath                          

Chapter 45

-     The Greatness of the Feet of Sree Guru             

Chapter 46

-     Trip to Kashi and Gaya; Narration of the Birth of


Chapter 47

-     Naration of  Story told by Sree Sai                     

Chapter 48

-     Granting of Favour to Doubting Devotee          

Chapter 49

-     Testing the Saint and the Control of the Mind   

Chapter 50

-     Removal of Ignorance                                         

Chapter 51

-     A Triad of Stories of Three Devotees                 

Chapter 52

-     An overall view, which summarises the Book   

Chapter 53

-     “Avataranika” (Epitome)                                     

Gurudev Sivanesan Swamiji

-     by Zarine                                                               

Choronological Index of Events                             

-     by Lt. Col. M.B. Nimbalkar

       (Original in Marathi, English translation by Zarine      with adaptation)