I was working in I.I.T., Madras, as a Professor of Metallurgy and after my retirement in1997,1 have settled down in Hosur bordering Karnataka. It was in 1970, then my father-in-law's brother Sri A. N. Sundar Raj, introduced me to Sri Sai Spiritual Centre and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji. Since then I have been blessed by Swamiji in all respects.

My son, Sriram and his wife had come down from the USA on a short visit. He had booked his return flight tickets from Madras on the morning of 26th March 2000. We had planned to visit my 90 – year old mother at Mysore on 25.3.2000 and drop my son and daughter-in-law at Bangalore Railway Station to catch the Night Mail to Madras. We hired a Tata Sumo jeep from Hosur to go to Mysore for this purpose.

As per our plan, we made the trip to Mysore. My mother was happy to see the grandson and his wife. Eight of us with considerable luggage left Mysore in the afternoon for Bangalore. Even before we reached Channapatna, the rear wheel had a puncture. It was replaced and as we proceeded a little distance, two more punctures occurred. It was by then pitch dark. There was no way of getting the punctures rectified. Moreover,  our my son

was to catch the Madras-bound mail at 10 p.m. and the next day had to fly off to the USA. These punctures had ruined spirits and all our plans had come to a nought. We fervently prayed to Sri Sai Baba and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji.

Vishnu  Sahasranamam says : "Anukulah Shatavartah. The

and our Guru listened to our prayers. Help came in

immediately. It was indeed a miracle. Just then a jeep with only

one gentalman stopped by us. On learning of our ordeal, he took

all the eight of us with luggage in his jeep and dropped my son

at the Bangalore Railway station. Not only that, he also

my father-in-law and mother-in-law and dropped them in their

residence at Wilson Garden, Bangalore.

The good Samaritan's name was Sri Shakil Shaikh who hails from Tumkur and was on his way from Mysore to Tumkur. When thanked him profusely he just laughed at it and would not evengive his address. With difficulty, I could get his telephone number at Tumkur.

Subsequently I wrote a letter to Sri Shakil Shaikh and sent it to my co brother in Tumkur to locate his address through the telephone number. On contacting, Mr. Shaikh visited my co-brothers residence and when he was appreciated for the help he has rendered, he looked at Sai Baba's picture hung in the drawing  room and said 'I just did what was assigned.'

Indeed Sai Baba and Swamiji helped us in the guise of Sri Shakil Shaikh on the fateful night of 25th March 2000.


Source Saipadananda July 2000


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