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  • Baba's Wonderful Udhi

    Baba's Wonderful Udhi

    What have you done for your son? What are you doing for him each day…? Do you give him each day a patient, sympathetic attempt to see life from his viewpoint? Do you nag at him about his faults, or are you wisely silent when you cannot truthfully praise? Do you hold up before him a high ideal toy trying each day to be in your own life and character all that you wish him to be?

    If my questions contain any hints that you can use, then seize them and act upon them without delay, it may take time, but if you never give up, but patiently, day by day, live before him according to your highest ideals, you will finally command his respect and influence his life. Example is better than a precept, influence is more far reaching than authority.


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  • Descent of Grace

    Descent of Grace

    Saibaba helps devotees in various ways, for some he helps in material aspects like granting wishes for progeny, building houses, etc, but Saibaba also helps in spiritual aspects also. In case the devotee is sincere Baba gives timely help and clarifies the spiritual doubts of devotee.

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  • Construction of Sai Temple at Pathri

    Construction of Sai Temple at Pathri

    Saibaba knows how to get the things done, for some he has given the task of writing Sai Satcharitra, for some doing His prachar. For K.V.Ramani Saibaba has given the job of constructing His temples, Choultries etc. To R.Radhakrishna who is also known as Saijeevi from Hubli he gave the task of conducting Sainama Bhajan. Now in this leela we will read how Saibaba gave the task of construction of His temple in Pathri

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  • A Devotee's Experience

    A Devotee's Experience

    Saibaba foresee events and gives timely advise and it is for us to follow and implement them.

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  • Comfort in Despair

    Comfort in Despair

    Dreams are like shadows of the unconscious. Vedanta says ‘When a sadhak does some work for the sake of his worldly life, the success of his work depends on the ‘soubhagyavati’ darshan in the dream! The great Acharya Shankara has said, “To see black teeth in a dream is to die. To see oneself in a donkey is bad but to see one-self on an elephant is auspicious”. Read this beautiful leela how Baba gave messages through dreams

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