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  • Destiny cannot be altered.

    Destiny cannot be altered.

    Saibaba many a time said, Non can postpone destiny. Many a time he did not interfere when devotees begged Saibaba. “None can alter the destiny. I tried my best to postpone the inevitable by 2 or 3 days”. A beautiful leela of Saibaba and Radhakrishna Swamy of Sai Spiritual Center

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    Saibaba helped many devotees in time of distress. We have reached many such stories in Sai Satcharitra and also post samadhi. Here is one such story.

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    In Chapter 36 of Sai Satcharitra we have read the story of Two Goa gentalman. How they kept promises to Saibaba and forgot the promises and how Saibaba helped in fulfilling. Here is an interesting episode related to praying for & boon, making a vow and forgetting the obligation when the cherished desire is fulfilled, narrated to me by Sadguru Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

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  • Faith Can Move Mountains

    Faith Can Move Mountains

    Om Saranagathavathsalaya namaha one who pours affection on people who surrender themselves to Him seeking
    His refuge. So what is required on the devotees part is to surrender to Him and then have patience and Baba will do what we cannot even dream off. So Faith in Baba is the essential thing and add to it a little of patience that is the Taraka Mantra.

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  • SHIRDI SAIBABA - Our Protector

    SHIRDI SAIBABA -  Our Protector

    Om Sarvabharabhruthe namaha means who bears the burden of protecting His devotees. Sai also said “Why fear, when I am here? Cast all your burdens on me, I shall surely bear them.”
    Read this beautiful story as to how the father prayed to Sai and Baba took over the burden.

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