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Faith Can Move Mountains

Date: 26/07/2018

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Faith Can Move Mountains Believe me dear readers the context of the saying is Above Board (Honest, Upright and fair). An incident of my life will illustrate the truth of it. But first let us see what is faith’. Instead of going into an elaborate interpretation of the literary meaning of the word, the following narration will serve the purpose far better : In a village there was no rain for a long spell. The people gathered therefore in the local Church to pray to God. The priest who presided over the prayer-meeting looked at the crowd and inquired,we have gathered here to pray to God to bestow us with rain. Why then have you not brought your umbrellas ?. Where is Your Faith ?." Indeed, true faith is a rare gift and its fruits are the sweetest. We must develop such true faith in Sai, Our Lord, and should lay ourselves completely open to His protection in order to enable His divine grace to shower abundantly on us. The perpetual faithful meditation of Mara Mara (although a wrong pronounciation of Rama Rama) enabled dacoit Ratnakar "to achieve fame and immortality as Rishi Valmiki”. True and sincere faith with firm belief in ‘Sai Lord’ and a little of self help, can create wonders and surpass the worst of difficulties. My Mother in law and myself desired that the Navjote (Thread Cermony – Munj) of my elder son should now take place. But the financial circumstances were such that it looked like a pauper’s dream. Years passed - time flew - taking on its wings my dear mother -in-law to her heavenly abode, leaving me alone with the dream, which we had so jointly cherished. Realization of this dream now seemed like a long road that has no turning. I had now a double responsibility, two sons-one of eleven and the other of eight, both of the age when the religious ceremony was absolutely required to be performed My husband and myself sought the help of our relatives to back us up. But to no avail. Either they were helpless or pretended to be helpless. Driven to bay, my husband thought of seeking help from our religious institutions which performed Common-joint Navjotes (Sarvajanik Munj) for poor Parsi children. "Beggers cannot be choosers. Better a little fire to warm you than a large one that bums." be advised. But I could not give in I wanted the occasion to be a grand one as dreamt by my mother-in-law. After all while there is life there is hope. "Well, your dreams, your desires are your own bed and so you must lie on it, "he threatened. By now. (this is after 1977), I had come under the fold and protection of Lord Shree Sai and was well aware that "All things come to him, who waits". Desperate cases need desperate remedies I started praying day and night, in earnest, at the feet of Sai, to invoke His help, for I remembered. He had said, "Meditate on Me, repeat My name, and sing about My deeds – I shall stay by your side, always", It was October 1st. 1981, I saw His grace in my dream beckoning me to go to Shirdi. I had been to Shirdi before, on three occasions, but with a different problem, each time all of which were satisfactorily solved by my Lord Sai Baba. The very next day, with my husband and children, I reached Shirdi. Entrusting my husband with the problem of lodging, etc. I immediately ran to my dear fathers abode. There in His royal presence I forgot all my worries and woes and found peace of mind. I looked at His Majestic personality with tear-streaming eyes, and placed my problem in His care. Later on in the calm and serene atmosphere of Dwarkamai I poured my heart out to Him. I spoke to Him as I would to the elders in my family and called upon Him to help. Sai never sends anyone empty-handed, I too returned home with His Udi and His blessings, thrilled with the joy of His protection. "Cast all your burdens on me and I shall bear them". He had said and I believed Him. So, I knew that when one enters the Dwarkamai his goal is achieved. In November 1981 my maternal aunt (one of the quarters I had knocked before, seeking help), a widow now, came to stay with us. Casually she asked me when I would perform the Navjote of my sons. I appraised her of my mother-in-laws dream and how difficult it was for me to realise the cherished dream. Deeply moved by my sincerity, she, of her own accord, promptly offered financial assistance to pay for the costs. I was taken aback and all agog to hear this. The offer had come from the blue, What a Leela ! What a Miracle ! My father Sai’ had heeded to my prayer and set the ball rolling, grinds slow but sure. Besides our own contribution of Rs. 10.000/- (from societ etc.) my aunt had offered another Rs. 11,OOO/-, The monetary side was solved in a jiffy. When Baba wills, it does not rain, it pours. The occasion could be now celebrated with pomp. I had set my heart on having the Navjote on the 26 January 1982. But the hotel was fully booked for the next months. Not a single date was available, I could see my hope going up in flames. That night as I lay in a semi-awake state, wondering what would happen, I suddenly felt Babas presence in the room. His image on the wall glowed-a strange Mona Lisa Smile played on His face. "Do not fear child. My eye is ever on those who love me, I am always aware of everything. Try again tomorrow He assured me. A great calm fiilled me. I went to sleep. I tried again the next day and was told that the hotel could be available on the 25th of January 1982 (A Monday husbands Off-day) due to a cancellation. A second bolt surprise. I was humbled. He was right. I must trust Him, made the necessary bookings immediately, From then on everything, connected with the occasion, went well and we were able to make the dream of my mother-in-law come true, through the benevolence of my father Sai’. My sons moved about, bedecked in the richest of clothes, smart as ever proud as a pair of peacocks. Yes, dear Sai - brothers and Sai-sisters, faith in Sai, had made the impossible possible. Without a single farthing in the month of October, we had performed a grand Navjote in the month January - a span of only four months. See how faith in Sai moved mountains. Mrs. H. K. Chhapgar Thane-400 Saileela January 1984

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